50 Shades Film!

So we finally have our Christian Grey, and lets face it, mixed reviews to say the least! My personal choice would of been Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) or Channing Tattum (Magic Mike) but Charlie Hunnam just came out of nowhere didn’t he? (Shame on me!)
So as disappointed as I am not to see my top two in the much sort after role of CG I’m intrigued to see how CH actually portrays the most famous dominator since dominoes!
I picked up 50 shades before the hype and had no idea what I had purchased (promise!) and I remember covering my face in shame while devouring every page! Since then it seems like mummy porn has taken the place of vampire love stories in the book isle at the supermarket! I can’t say I’m pleased by this, authors seem to be copy writing in fad mode and its getting a bit predictable and familiar. I will take the fifty shades film and Vampire Diaries but as for the rest I’m fifty shades of bored! I’m so glad that I’m unaffected by commercial marketing! Hmmm 😳

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I broke my back last year and couldn't exercise so I started using the body wraps I now sell to get my body back in shape. They worked that well that I became a distributor and now have my own website definedivine.co.uk I also enjoy writing and may use this blog from time to time to publish exerts of my works in progress!
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