Chunky Monkey

Well if you have read my previous blog you will know my feelings towards the chunky heel, however I feel I must proclaim my fondness for chunky knit, oh yeah it’s not yet winter and my wardrobe is already heaving with chunky knit Jumpers, cardi’s, skirts the full hit! Primark are leading the way people, seriously great colours, motifs and styles a plenty! Go get ready for winter ⛄ without crippling your bank balance! Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of designer luxury, but when Primark get it right they really hit the mark and its too good to pass up out of retail snobbery! Wrap up warm people, you know I’m all about wrapping 😆

Body wraps available here……. 👍


About definedivineuk

I broke my back last year and couldn't exercise so I started using the body wraps I now sell to get my body back in shape. They worked that well that I became a distributor and now have my own website I also enjoy writing and may use this blog from time to time to publish exerts of my works in progress!
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