On the Lash!?

So the UK is seriously in the middle of a Lash epidemic! My friends, enemies, cousins and colleagues are all wearing fake eyelashes, as are the girls on tv and magazine covers, they are everywhere for gods sake i have even seen cars with them???!!!

But I don’t wear them, not even tried them, however I might just be considering a trip to the land of lash…….

The issue I have is with the super sized crazy lashes that look like a peacock was de-feathered to enable its creation, I get it when they are worn in a music video or on the catwalk but when you see a scruffy bun, track suit and a pram behind the lash of craziness, well it just scares me! I’m all for freedom of expression, and looking good and making the effort, but………. I don’t see the point in wearing a track suit, trainers and sporting dirty hair but thinking that as you have funky lashes that you look good and have dressed up!

Also, they don’t look comfortable (mind you neither do heels but I still bloody wear em!) I’m all for eyeliner defining the eye (defining is my job lol!) I love that look but when you can’t open your eyes for the weight of a winged creature attached to your eyelid, well its just not a fun look!

I guess the jury is out on this until I try them for myself, I cant sit here and knock a product without it trying it I guess.

So who recommends what lashes, give me brands to try???? Also any tips will be welcomed 🙂 I think the individual lashes applied at a salon might be worth a try??? Who knows???

This is going to end one of two ways…

1. I will be back on here in a few days preaching about how great lashes are and all pics of me from here on will be avec la lashes!

2.  I will glue my eyelids together , and the next post will be by my brother having a big lol at my expense and plugging his band!


About definedivineuk

I broke my back last year and couldn't exercise so I started using the body wraps I now sell to get my body back in shape. They worked that well that I became a distributor and now have my own website definedivine.co.uk I also enjoy writing and may use this blog from time to time to publish exerts of my works in progress!
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